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(Sad) Garden Update

We had almost 12 inches of rain last night in a 7-hour span and it was a mess. We lost a lot of crops.

photo 1 (6)

photo 2 (6)

The worst damage was to the corn stalks. At this point in the summer our corn was at best 3/4 of the way ready, most were only half-grown. We had to pick what had fallen because the raccoon’s would have definitely stopped by to eat.

photo 3 (6)

photo 4 (6)

We also had some broken cucumber vines and squash. There has been a lot of veggie eating in the past week.


Garden Update

photo 2 (5)

Picking some ripe beans

photo 2

Lots of green tomatoes…

photo 5 (3)


photo 1 (4)


photo 2 (4)

Lots and lots of beets. BEFORE you go any further, put on kitchen gloves or you will have brightly dyed, red hands.

photo 4 (4)

We saved the leaves that were in good shape and sautéed them with a tiny bit of coconut oil, garlic, salt and pepper. They cook just like spinach and will shrink down significantly. A little tart but so good.

photo 3 (4)

I scrubbed the uncooked beets with a veggie brush to remove the remaining dirt and then dropped them in a pot of boiling water. Cook until tender or until a fork goes into them easily. Once they cool, simply rub the outsides and the skins will fall right off.

photo 5 (4)


Garden Update

Things are moving right along in the garden.

photo 1 (5)

The bean vines are starting to grow along the bamboo tee-pees Greg installed. Kale and lettuce are constant at this point and are providing a daily supply. In the bottom right corner of the photo above you can see the remnants of the broccoli plants. All of our broccoli was ready during a two week span and we ate it all. Here it is being cooked below.

photo (1)


photo 2 (5)

The lilies all popped at the same time and they are beautiful!

photo 4 (4)

There are ladybugs everywhere! We introduced about 1,000 to the garden last year and they definitely decided to stay around.

photo 3 (4)