The Boys Are Back

Today is the Daytona 500. Racing is finally back. We had some people over to watch the race so I figured I’d try my hand at some Paleo appetizers. I made some pineapple guacamole with a few avocados, red onion, green onion, tomatoes, garlic, chopped pineapple and some salt & pepper. This was SO good and a nice change from your basic guacamole. Serve with celery or cucumber slices if you are trying to stay gluten free. We had some blue corn chips for the non-paleo folks.

image (11)

image (12)

I also tried out the paleo biscuit recipe and made cocktail franks with nitrate-free mini sausages (from Costco). I wrapped some in uncured bacon without a biscuit because you can never have too much pork in one bite.

image (38)

They were so easy and so delicious.

image (39)

Boogity, boogity, boogity!!

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